Northumberland County School Events

Dr. Holly Wargo, Superintendent of the Northumberland School District has provided the following event schedule.  If you would like further information, please contact Holly at Northumberland County Public Schools.

NES Upcoming Events:

  • November 14: Traditional Thanksgiving luncheon where families visit and feast with their children. School Board members and our Board of Supervisors are encouraged to attend.  The lunch begins at approximately 11am and ends around 12:30.
  • November 16: Second grade students visit Jamestown, VA.
  • November 17: PreK students visit the Children’s Museum; fourth grade students will visit Jamestown Island.
  • December 5: Fifth grade students perform in a Winter Holiday Choir Concert at the Northumberland High School auditorium


NMS Upcoming Events:

  • November 16: Family Game Night to encourage Family and Parental engagement. Families will enjoy food, fellowship, and fun.
  • November 20: At 9 am, Camfel productions will present “Point of view,” a forty (40) minute multimedia experience focusing on “Seeing Value in Others.” The production is designed to look beyond violence, racism, intolerance, harassment, and hate.


NHS Highlights:

  • November 14: Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School Information Presentation @ 6:30 pm in the high school auditorium. Staff and students from the Chesapeake Bay Governors School will share a slideshow with interested students and families. There will be a time set aside for a question and answer session with the CBGS staff and students.
  • November 20: PBIS assembly for grades 9 and 10. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an evidence-based, data-driven framework proven to reduce disciplinary incidents, increase a school’s sense of safety and support improved academic outcomes. More than 24,500 U.S. schools are implementing PBIS and saving countless instructional hours otherwise lost to discipline.
  • December 14: Choir & Band Winter Concert 6:30 pm